Those of you who have been with 40acts for a few years might know that we like to gather up the stories, photos and videos you send us.

Last year we created a finale film based on our original that featured 40activists from right across the globe. Take a look:



The year before that, we created this amazing paste-up of your photos on Whitecross Street, in London:



As you can tell, we’re really big on celebrating your stories.

So: how can you have your story featured?

Film it on your smartphone or on your camera (preferably in Landscape rather than Portrait). It doesn’t need to be long – try and give us a flavour of your story in 15 seconds. Send it to us via WhatsApp on 0044 7468 404040 or via email (you can use WeTransfer if the file is too big) at [email protected]

You don’t have to send a film, you could also send a photo. It’s up to you.

Happy snapping!