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Take the 40acts generosity challenge this Lent!

40 days, 40 reflections, 40 challenges to make a difference

Join forces with a global, generous community of over one hundred thousand people who have completed the 40acts challenge during Lent.

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40acts is a daily challenge: 40 generous prompts delivered throughout Lent. Sign up for the 2018 challenge now: begins 14th February.

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Do 40acts together. Sign up as a leader and get free resources for your church, youth group, small group, family or school.

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Day 03

It’s possible to live somewhere all our lives and not have a clue about what’s really going on. So, time to get lost in your neighbourhood.

Day 11

Many of us are hiding talents up our sleeves, out of fear, vulnerability, or just not knowing how to use them. So treat today as a second chance.

Day 27

We've come to expect bargains. And we love a two for one or a ‘buy one get one free’. But how often do we use them as an opportunity to share with others?

The Sullivan Family’s Story

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