The Generosity Challenge

Launching March 6th 2019

40 days, 40 reflections, 40 challenges to make a difference

Join forces with a global, generous community of over one hundred thousand people who have completed the 40acts challenge during Lent.

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40acts is a daily challenge: 40 generous prompts delivered throughout Lent. Sign up for the 2019 challenge soon!

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Day 34

Extravagant. Overblown. A bit much. We’re going extravagant today. If someone mentions that they’d like something a little over the top, why not just go for it? (And go all-in, too – if you need the excuse to go big, consider this it!)

Day 6

Giving away chocolate. Maybe it sounds a bit less radical than the last few days. But small, overlooked acts of generosity achieve big things. Today, take a bunch of chocolate bars with you wherever you go – five, ten, or twenty – and fling them, carefree, to anyone you come across.

Day 32

Take a humble one pound coin. What could it become? How much impact could it make if it was handled with maximum generosity? What goodness could it set in motion? Let’s get creative and see the potential for generosity multiplied. We might never look at a quid the same way again.

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