40acts for individuals

Every day throughout Lent (not including Sundays), wake up to a new generosity challenge and short Bible-based blog straight to your inbox. Each act is designed to sharpen your awareness and give you practical ways to stretch your faith as well as your generosity, with three challenge levels. Got Questions?

40acts for groups

Want to do 40acts as part of a team with others? 40acts Together was created especially for groups. Whether you’re a church, small group, youth group, school or family, 40acts Together provides you with online and printable resources to guide you through a generous Lent as a community. Sign up as a group leader for free access to any combination of the resources. You’ll also automatically be signed up for the individual challenge. Got Questions?

About the group resources

2017 is the year that we’ll be sharpening our generosity and going all-out to transform our lives and the lives around us. New church and small group resources have been added to the downloads area, with the theme ‘Giving our Best’. Based on Romans 12, the new resources look in depth at giving our best in our service, our gifts, when it hurts and in spite of our feelings.

Also updated for 2017: a 40acts Survival Kit for Families, two new Assemblies for Schools, and a community project guide & Messy Church pack for Churches.

NEW FOR 2017
— Sermon notes
Includes: sermon notes, prayers and worship for a complete church service.

— Messy Church Pack

— Community Project Planning Guide
Read this first! It will tell you all you need to know about how to do 40acts with your church, and help you to get the most out of the resource.

NEW FOR 2017
— Small Group Resource Pack
Includes: bible studies, activities, discussion questions, worship suggestions and prayers

Youth Group packs created in partnership with Urban Saints.

— 40acts for Youth Groups (11-14s)

— 40acts for Youth Groups (15+)

In partnership with British Youth for Christ (RE: quest) and Stopsley Community Primary School.

— 40acts 2017 School Pack

— 40acts 2017 Schools – PowerPoint Visuals

— 40acts 2017 Schools Challenge Cards

— 40acts 2016 School Resources

Family resources created in partnership with GodVenture.

— 40acts 2016 Family Wallchart

— GodVenture Generosity Kit
New for 2017
Purchase the 40acts family survival kit from GodVenture – everything your family needs to do 40acts! Exploring Generosity with GodVenture and 40acts (Free downloadable PDF)

— Buy the Exploring Generosity with GodVenture and 40acts book
(comes with sticker pack and pull-out wall-chart)

Extra goodies

We’ve created 40acts logos, phone backgrounds and lots of other goodies for you to grab and share.

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