40acts for individuals

Sign-up for the 2019 challenge is coming soon. Every day throughout Lent (not including Sundays), wake up to a new generosity challenge and short Bible-based blog straight to your inbox. Each act is designed to sharpen your awareness and give you practical ways to stretch your faith as well as your generosity, with three challenge levels.  Got Questions?


40acts for groups

 Sign up for 2019 resources is coming soon! Want to do 40acts as part of a team with others? 40acts Together was created especially for groups. Whether you’re a church, small group, youth group, school, student body or family, 40acts for Groups provides you with online and printable resources to guide you through a generous Lent as a community. Sign up for the 2019 challenge as a group leader for free access to any combination of the resources. You’ll also automatically be signed up for the individual challenge. Got Questions?

About the group resources

In 2018, the theme for the church/talks, small groups and youth resources was ‘FAITH IN DEED’. Each resource encouraged a deeper look at what James meant when he talked about the link between faith and deeds.

There are also resources available for families, schools and students! All of the 40acts resources are designed to help you to journey through Lent generously together as a group.

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