For the last few years, we’ve created the 40acts traffic light system. Thankfully, they’re less infuriating than real traffic lights (be generous on the road, folks!), and designed to make your life a bit simpler…

We believe generosity is about the state of your heart, not the size of your wallet or the empty slots in your diary. The traffic light system recognises that life and circumstances are different for everyone, and that our abilities, finances and schedules are flexible.

GREEN: these acts take five minutes or less, and will usually be free (or really cheap!) to complete.

AMBER: a little more challenging than the green acts, but these won’t take more than fifteen minutes, or a couple of £/$/€.

RED:  for those who love to push themselves to extravagance or those who have done 40acts before – take your generosity habit to the next level.

Pick and choose how many of each colour you’d like to do throughout the challenge – you can even do all three each day if you’re feeling particularly energetic.