Today’s the day for getting out your trumpet and making a noise about someone who’s gone above and beyond recently. Don’t swamp feedback forums and online review sites with negativity and complaint. Use them as a way of shouting ‘Well done!’ and ‘Thank you!’ from the cyber rooftops. Small scale, large scale, pen, phone or computer, individuals or organisations, you choose.

Good news! Today’s acts you can do fully from home. Let’s continue to spread generosity through speaking up in encouragement when we notice others doing a great job, particularly when stress levels are high.

Green: Take the time to fill in the surveys that feature on till receipts. Those few minutes spent praising the person who served you will make their day and might result in them getting promoted.

Amber: Write an email or letter to someone in your church or workplace who consistently volunteers to go above and beyond to show your appreciation for them.

Red: Register on and get started on those glowing reviews. Maybe that assistant was particularly kind to your infirm companion, or they exceeded your expectations. Whatever made the difference, return the favour and make a difference to them in your gratitude.

‘Each of us should please our neighbours for their good, to build them up.’ (Romans 15:2 NIV)

When I worked in customer service I sometimes felt invisible. Just one more voice at the end of the phone. One more face across the counter. Often, the only time you’d feel seen is when something had gone wrong. A lot of us can probably relate to that feeling of questioning your own value and worth.

In contrast, I remember when a colleague of mine gave me such lovely encouragement that reading it in my appraisal made me cry. It meant so much to know that she had noticed things that I had overcome. When someone sees something in you, maybe a skill they don’t have themselves, or maybe something you’ve never even realised you’re good at, it spurs you on to keep going.

The Bible says that some of us have the gift of encouragement (Romans 12:8), but encouraging others is something we can all do with just a little bit of effort. When others serve us quietly in the background we can choose to see them as a reminder of Jesus, who came to serve and not to be served. Then we can ask ourselves how we can show a bit of Jesus back.

You may never know what someone is going through and how a word of encouragement can brighten their day. Maybe they’ve just done four straight shifts and are trying to keep their family afloat. When you encourage others, you can’t necessarily change their situation, but you might just help change their perspective.

My number one passions are worshipping the Lord and eating really good food. If I’m not doing either of those things, you’ll find me helping my friends and family plan birthdays, weddings, baby showers – you name it; I love to make people smile. Day to day I’m here at Stewardship managing all the events and training.


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