40acts started with a simple question: ‘what if Lent could be about more than just giving stuff up?’ We could never have dreamt the adventures we’ve had trying to work out the answer over the last seven years.

So we were doubly excited when we heard about #Prompt28, created by our friends over at Share Jesus International, and based around another very simple question:

“What would happen each day if we asked God a question and tried to join Him as He prompts us to share Jesus?”

We caught up with Andy Frost, SJI’s Director, long time friend of Stewardship and regular 40acts contributor (this year it was Act 38: Washday), to find out more.

Andy, where did the idea for #Prompt28 come from?

Last summer in a coffee shop, I asked the Holy Spirit to show me who to sit next to and I ended up sitting next to an older lady. I was prompted by God to ask her how she was and over the course of the next hour (and two cups of coffee) we talked about parenthood, depression, church and faith.

It ended as I prayed with her and tears welled up in her eyes.

And so, I’ve been thinking, what would happen each day if we asked God a question and tried to join Him as He prompts us to share Jesus?

How is #Prompt28 going to work?

The idea is simple. Starting on Pentecost Sunday, this June 4th, we’re encouraging people to ask God a different question each and every day for 28 days, like ‘how can I bless my neighbour today?’

Then we look out for opportunities and situations that arise where we can follow through with the challenge. What happens next is all part of the adventure!

Sounds fun; how can people join in?

Anyone wanting to take part can sign up at sharejesusinternational.com/prompt and leave an email address or a mobile number and we’ll send out a prompt each day.

We’ll be documenting what happens on social media using #Prompt28.

What sort of prompts can people expect?

We’re hoping to create a rhythm in our lives of being more aware of what God is doing in different everyday circumstances, so the prompts are simple and straightforward.

It might be ‘how can I bless my neighbour today?’, or ‘who needs a word of encouragement right now?’ Then it’s about listening and waiting for the Holy Spirit’s prompting to find a response.

Won’t people be freaked out if I start talking about the Holy Spirit?

Who knows? Maybe we will be met with a smile and a ‘thanks’. Maybe our actions will be met with confusion or indifference. Or maybe, just maybe, we will get to show, talk about and witness the life-changing impact of Jesus Christ alive and active in our world today.

Join us in asking God a question and seeing what happens next.

Why do we need to be prompted?

Every day we have countless interactions with different people, some we know and many we don’t.  It might be bumping into a neighbour while out walking the dog, ordering food in a restaurant, a difficult meeting with a colleague or queueing for the bus home.

These moments are so ordinary and so mundane that we forget that God is on a mission through our ordinary lives, to reconcile the world to his self.

We think that we have to wait until some church service or some big mission week before we ask God what He’s up to.

But he is active in our communities and asks us to join Him.

We just need a little nudge sometimes…


Sign up for #Prompt28 at sharejesusinternational.com/prompt