Meet Kezia, The newest addition to our 40acts campaign team! To get her properly settled in we put her on the spot and asked her a few questions… just as family do.

What made you want to work with us?

“Well, I’d heard of Stewardship and some of the work that they do and when I saw they were hiring I jumped at the opportunity. I loved the idea of working with people who loved to be generous and genuine. And, I get to use my creativity to help and inspire others- all the things I love to do. I quickly realised in my interview that they were a bit weird just like me.”

What’s the most generous thing someone has done for you?

“I remember being in my second year of Uni struggling to live off the last little bit of my student loan. I woke up one morning to see that my account balance had grown – a lot. I had no idea where the money had come from, but my mum hinted that my aunt had been up to something. It meant so much to me that at a time in her life when things were pretty difficult she still decided to lookout for me. I’ll never forget that.”

What is your favourite example of generosity?

“There are plenty of great examples of generosity in our world, but my favourite is found in the bible. When Paul and Silas sang themselves free in Prison, their worship not only broke their chains but it freed the other prisoners too. We know that Paul and Silas were thrown into prison unjustly but we have no idea how the other prisoners got there; maybe they were there for good reason. However, the generosity of God’s grace went so far as to bring freedom to those who weren’t even looking for it. That’s mind-blowing to me.”

What are your hopes for 40acts 2018?

“I’m hoping that the 40acts challenge will have an even bigger reach this year. Hopefully our impact will be so big that it’ll be unavoidable. I really want more people that have heard nothing about 40acts to be blessed and impacted by our generosity, inspired by our generous God.”