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  • Some news for 2021

    Some news for 2021

    None of us could have predicted the events that unfolded this time last year as we set out on our 10th year of 40acts. Even fewer of us imagined that one year later we would still not be through the storm that Covid-19 has created. Much has changed and we’re changing too. 40acts won’t be…

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  • Act 40: Written Off

    Act 40: Written Off

    As we reach the end of Lent, the cross stands within our sights as the ultimate symbol of love triumphing, freedom won and debt paid. Jesus told a powerful parable about a man who successfully pleaded to have his debts cancelled. Sadly, instead of modelling the grace and mercy he’d received, he went out and…

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  • Act 39: We Are Family

    Act 39: We Are Family

    On National Siblings Day, our focus turns to the persecuted church worldwide: our brothers and sisters in Christ who risk everything to worship and serve him. At the time of writing, countries in the spotlight include India, Bangladesh, China and Nigeria. Our first reaction might be that we are powerless to help, but by partnering…

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  • Act 38: Reconciliation

    When people fall out with each other, the pain of that broken relationship brings anguish to all parties which can then ripple out. Saying sorry is really hard, and sometimes doesn’t feel enough to heal the rift. What’s sometimes needed is mediation: listening carefully to both sides and steering them back onto common ground. Could…

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  • Act 37: Secret Keeper

    Act 37: Secret Keeper

    You’re on a stealth mission today – to donate gifts without being spotted. Imagine the joy you can spread by slipping a complimentary note into a pocket, some money into a drawer or a present onto a doorstep. No explanation required. No thanks expected. ‘Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will…

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  • Act 36: Behind Bars

    Act 36: Behind Bars

    Childhood should be a time of freedom, but many children lose theirs to crime. According to Youth for Christ, over 125,000 children and teenagers (under the age of 18) are arrested each year and over 20,000 under 25s serve at least one prison sentence annually. Meanwhile, an estimated 7% of all children have a parent…

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  • Act 35: Reconnect

    Act 35: Reconnect

    We are more ‘connected’ than ever before – social media brings us contacts, friends, likes, follows. And yet many are more isolated than ever. It’s easy to lose touch with people you were once close to. Why not take the chance to put that right? If you’re worried your approach won’t be welcomed, pray first…

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  • Act 34: On a Mission

    Act 34: On a Mission

    Those who have devoted their lives to God in full-time ministry, whether at home or overseas, need our support. Their days and nights are marked by physical difficulties and the pressure of tending to those they serve. Too often, they can feel ‘out of sight, out of mind’. It’s time to honour them for all…

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  • Act 33: War Torn

    Act 33: War Torn

    Throughout any 24-hour period, our news bulletins are dominated by stories of war around the globe. Images of displaced people are commonplace, their buildings in ruins, the rubble-strewn streets carrying tanks and trucks of soldiers. Today is about playing a part, however small, in improving life for those caught up in conflict. This time, when…

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  • Act 32: Prized Possession

    We’re raising the bar on generosity, reminding ourselves to hold our possessions lightly and open-handedly. The challenge is to give away something that is precious to you, either in value or significance, being willing to surrender it for someone else’s benefit. In doing so, we are echoing David’s words to God in dedicating the temple:…

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