Don’t think your side hobby/ability is a gift? Take another look. It comes easily to you. There’s not much pressure or effort around it. When you step out with it, things happen faster than you expect. Sound like it might be a gift from God? And if it’s something that God’s put in your hands, then it’s something for you to give away.

Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:
You can find your gifts from God. Ask God to make your gifts clear to you, if they haven’t been immediately obvious.

  You can find your gifts in community. Talk with your 40acts buddy, or church leadership. Ask them what they think your gifts are, and how you could use them to bring life in and through your church.

You can pass on your gifts. Find a way to pass onto someone else what comes naturally, excellently to you.

“But someone will say, ‘You have faith; I have deeds.’ Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.”
(James 2:18 NIV)

Your thought for today:

OK, real talk: how many times have you had the thought ‘Nah, I can’t’, or ‘I can’t do that I’m just little old… (insert your name)’, or ‘I have nothing to offer, I’m only a (insert the thing here)’? If you’re a human being I can guarantee you’ve said one if not all of these at some point in your life. Trust me, I know, I struggle with this feeling of having nothing to offer. It looks like everyone else is changing the world and you’re struggling to see your purpose or what you can do in the everyday.

During the various stages of my life I was always questioning and doubting my talents or what I had to offer. But when I became a life coach I suddenly noticed that I had the opportunity to change my perspective on how I see myself and the world. And you can too.

So the question is ‘How did I do this?’ The honest answer is I took a small step and entered into a process of becoming more curious. And I asked questions.

As a coach I have a habit of asking questions of myself, my clients and God. I find the simple questions work best! So if you’re looking to find out what you can do with what you have, ask! Lord, what can I do? But be ready to hear the response. It could be as simple as make your colleague a brew, look up from your phone and smile at person or share your lunch. Because what if God was using you in that moment to change that person’s day?

Let no moment be wasted.

Written by Yvonne Dodoo
Yvonne is a creative life coach as well as an actor. She has a passion to help people live their best life in the here and now, and enjoy every single moment of life. Coffee is one of her morning rituals and she likes to laugh VERY loudly.


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