We see it every year. Giving out free chocolate is an uncannily sure-fire way to inspire even more generosity and gratitude. So, hit the commuters in line at the station, the postman you only ever get thirty-second chats with, the students running between classes – free chocolate, everyone, everywhere.

One option today: buy a bag of chocolate bars, and joyfully distribute them everywhere you go!

“…Love your neighbour as yourself…” (Mark 12:31 NIV)


God ultimately wants us to be his hands and feet on this Earth in order for us to reveal his good news to hurting people. Sometimes that is easier said than done. As a purpose coach I’ve counselled and consulted many people. Although people often appear to have it all together, we live in a world that is riddled with people who feel anxious, tired and unhappy.

One evening I was speaking at an event when I spotted someone I knew and decided to catch up with her after. We did the classic ‘Hey how are you?’ thing but when I looked into her eyes I could see something wasn’t right. I could have pretended I didn’t notice, but instead I said, ‘To be honest it doesn’t look like you are alright. You look a little sad.’ Bold perhaps, but she then revealed that she had just broken up with her boyfriend. I could clearly see it had knocked her and I said that it would be great to meet up.

We met a few days later and she opened up some more. I got to tell her about how amazing Jesus is and even got to pray with her! She was so delighted she said, ‘I think I need to try this Jesus thing a bit more!’

You may not be as bold as I was in that moment, or maybe you feel that you don’t have the time.

Solution? A chocolate bar!

Next time you spot a person that looks that tad a bit down, seize your opportunity to break down the facade. You could say, ‘I just wanted to give you a chocolate – you look like you deserve it.’ That moment could open the door to sharing God’s love with someone else. You know your world, the people around you and the areas you go in. Ask God to give you the opportunities to give, to share your life and to love your neighbour. Who knows what conversations could open up?


Most (87%) Millennials want to find a life full of meaning. That was exactly Andre Spence’s case after spending 10 years within the entertainment industry finding youth fame on a reality show on MTV, presenting and blogging for MOBO, and organising events which brought together global brands and world class talent in support of charity. He pursued validation through possessions, positions and power.
Now Andre Spence ‘The Purpose Coach’ is an advocate for seeing young people discover their purpose and win in life, through coaching, speaking and founding Purpose Leaders and The purpose experience.

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