Tomorrow is Mother’s Day, a day of celebration but also a difficult reminder of grief for many. Think carefully and creatively about how they might best receive generosity. It could be inviting them to the party, or offering a more low-key and quiet recognition of how they’re feeling.

Green: Give a card to cheer up someone who’s struggling today.

Orange: Have a catch up with a friend who isn’t able to spend time with family, or will find tomorrow a painful day.

Red: Prep a Sunday lunch, and invite as many as you can!

“Paul lived for two years in his rented house. He welcomed everyone who came to visit…His door was always open.” (Acts 28:30–31 MSG)

Motherhood. Whatever the word invokes we all have a natural reaction to it. ‘Mothering Sunday’ is typically known as a happy, love-filled day, but that isn’t the case for everyone. I’ve seen many people sharing on social media about their difficulties with this day. Each time I see a new post, I catch myself in mild shock, thinking, ‘I’m so sorry. I had no idea you experienced that.’

The truth is, we may never truly know what someone has been through or is currently facing – even those closest to us. Occasionally they might drop the veil and let us see their own private battle, but in general we tend to catch the highlights.

Maybe the man you’re sitting next to on your morning commute is silently grieving the loss of his mother, whilst battling with voices in his head that say ‘pull yourself together’.

Maybe the couple at church who dedicates their time to teaching Sunday school has struggled for years with infertility.

Maybe the lady at number 31 who always smiles when she sees you is struggling as she remembers the abortion she never wanted to have.

Perhaps you know someone dealing with the grief of losing a child. All true stories.

And that is why an open invitation is so vital.

I’ve been horribly guilty in the past of assuming everyone else is fine, that I’m the only one with struggles, or that my particular hardships must be worse than most people’s. I’ve even assumed that if life is going well for me, then all is well with everyone else, too. A lot of people don’t feel like their despair is welcome in the presence of other people’s happiness.

Today’s the day we get to give them an open invite. Invite them in to your happiness from whatever place they’re at. No need to change; come as you are.

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