Faith is everything. In fact, if you look in the Bible, the only two things that amaze Jesus are people’s faith – or people’s lack of faith. So today, act in faith. Ask God how you could be generous, and listen for his prompt. But be ready: faith like this might mean a bit of waiting, and a bit of risk-taking.

Choose how you’ll complete today’s act:
One option today:
Purposefully walk slowly and prayerfully today. Ask God to show you what he sees and ask him to lead you into an act of generosity – ‘Lord, what do you want me to share today? How do you want me to share it, and who with?’

“Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Saviour, and my hope is in you all day long.”
(Psalm 25:4–5 NIV)

Your thought for today:

When it comes to the big decisions in life, many us want to know God’s leading. There are huge questions like: Who should I marry? What should I study? Where should I live?

We can often live with a mindset that God only cares about the big decisions. We can begin to think that he isn’t too bothered about the many hundreds of small decisions we make each day.

But here’s the thing, I believe that those small decisions actually shape who we become and that God is more interested in the little decisions than we realise. I believe that in the small things, we have this great opportunity to discover God’s leading and his prompting, which actually helps us learn to discern how we sense God’s leading for when the big decisions arrive.

And so today’s challenge is about making yourself aware of God’s prompting. I’m pretty certain that for most of us there will not be a burning bush or an encounter with the angel Gabriel. But as you go about your day, I dare you to become more God-aware. Today’s passage of scripture is a reminder that God wants to show us, teach us and guide us.

Over the years, I have tried to make myself open to God’s prompts. Just this week, I intentionally sparked a conversation with a couple of strangers on the train. They were visiting the UK and I was able to welcome them to the country. There was no great opportunity to share my testimony, but as I left them I simply said, ‘May God bless your trip.’

We can feel foolish, breaking the cultural norms of what is expected, talking, sharing and praying with strangers, but today’s passage also reminds us that we have a hope in God, all day long. Not just in our devotional time but as we go about doing life. Our generous God wants to lead us into simple acts of generosity, so let’s look out for God’s prompting today.

Written by Andy Frost
Andy is the director of Share Jesus International. He lives with his wife, Jo, and two young kids in London and loves all kinds of adventure.

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